cast to order


The plaster statues shown below have been sculpted and polychromed by Jeanette; David makes the moulds and casts the figures. From casting to finished statue can take up to three months; therefore early inquiry is recommended.

For further information on ordering one of our statues, or commissioning a sculpture, contact us.

See our post "How Saints are made."

From Left to right - 

Easter garden - St. Thomas' Risen Christ;  39 inch.

St John Vianney preaching; 38 inch

Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament : 40 inch 

Left to right:

Saint Catherine of Alexandria height 44 inch

Saint Catherine of Alexandria  customised/adapted as Martyr saint- 


Bust of St. John Vianney 13 inch- monochrome (milk white)

Bust of St. John Vianney 13 inch- Polychrome (colour)

Saint Teresa of Avila - 25 inch