We customise statues and furnishing to suit our clients requirements.
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Saint Patrick to Saint Nicholas

Resin statue  customised for the School of Saint Nicholas Liverpool.

The book was removed and replaced with a sack of coins. The beard was remodelled more full, and the shamrock removed from his hand. A change of colours completed the  transformation.

Our Lady of the Rosary

Resin outdoor statue  cutomised for Holy Rosary school prayer garden. Colours scheme to match those of the school's badge.

Saint Joseph and Our Lady Mary.

 Resin sanctuary statues repaired and customised for the Church of St. John Vianney, Mostyn. 

Our Lady of the Key
Customisation for Saint Joseph's Harrow & Weald London.

The statue is repainted to appear more icon-like. A red mantle was added to the figure of Jesus to complete the makeover.

Immaculate conception to Our Lady of Guadalupe

Plaster statue customised for the Church of St. Christopher.