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Jeanette's ability to capture the transcendent beauty of Catholic art, is rooted in her own lifelong dedication to the Catholic faith.

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Photo:  Jeanette Lewis with completed commission for Cumbrian church.

An 8 by 5 foot  replica of a 13th century crucifix.

Contemporary Icons


Five Saints Icons

One of five saints icons Painted for Portsmouth Archdiocese academies, (see below) including Pierre Giorgio Frassati, Pope John Paul II, Theresa of Calcutta, John Henry Newman, Edith Stein.

St Kentigern-jeanette-Lewis.jpg

St. Kentigern

Patron of Liverpool Archdiocese.

Acrylic on canvas with gold leaf detail.

Church of St. Kentigern, Melling.


St. Catherine of Sienna

Concept sketch and finished painting shown. Commissioned by the Sisters of Priory House.

Icon-Our-Lady-Undoer- of-Knots-artist-J.

Our Lady Undoer of Knots

Arcylic on traditional gesso wood panel with gilded detailing. Used to introduce Novena devotions and printed prayer cards. Commissioned by Fr. J. Smith.


All Saints of Lincolnshire

​Icon commissioned by Revd. B.C. Bechtold of All Saints parish, Wainfleet, Lincolnshire.

Anglican Communion of Saints depicted.

Marian-Tryptich-Catholic- artist-Jeanette-Lewis.jpg

Marian Tryptich

Marian Tryptich (altar top)

Icon commissioned by Revd. B.C. Bechtold of Saint Mary, Wainfleet, Lincolnshire.

Medieval Artworks
13-14th Century


Original illuminated manuscript by the Limbourg brothers from "Les Belles Heurs de Jean Duc de Berry" . Depicts the institution of the great Liturgy . Replicated in Gouache on Gessoed Panel.

Commissioned by Revd. Fr. John Smith.


Pope Saint Gregory the Great
(14th c)

Medieval Blue Crucifix

Replica-finding-in-the-temple 523X700.jp

Enlarged replica of a processional cross by the Master of the Blue Crucifixes for Cumbrian church.
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Finding in the Temple

Original by Simone Martini - reproduced on wood panel with gilded background and raised pas tillage detail. Commissioned By Fr. J. Smith 



English Martyrs

Church of the English Martyrs.
Twenty Martyrs who had local connections to Stoke on Trent were depicted in this sanctuary mural.
Commissioned by Fr. Julian Greene as part of the ongoing refurbishement of the church.

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english martyrs mural .jpg
english-martyrs-schema-400 x.jpg

ABC Room, Old Roan Methodist Church

The children and parents room was given a facelift with a decorative freize which conti nued over three walls of the room.

Known as the ABC room, this logo was incorporated into the pictorial scheme.