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feast of the Holy Family

Seeing clearly

Today we remember the Holy family of Nazareth. My family and I will be attending Mass later this evening, and we're grateful to be able to do so after the two years of uncertainty.

I remember a priest saying at the beginning of 2020 that Our Lord would help us (the faithful) to see more clearly - 20:20 alluding to 'clear vision'.

Sister Lucia of Fatima said that the last great battle would be for the family, and it appears that the family unit is under great strain during this time because of the consequences of lockdowns. It is precisely why seeing the Nativity in our churches with Christ at the centre is more important than ever, keeping sight of Him in troubled times such as these will bring us the peace we need.

Seeing Beauty in the Nativity.
24 inch Nativity figure before/after restoration
24 inch Nativity figure before/after restoration

When I am working on a figure I tend to "see" in my minds eye how beautiful the finished piece could look; my addition of a "virtual" halo on this photo describes what sort of ideas and aspirations I have for each peice I restore.

Our best wishes to all for a Happy, peaceful and blessed Christmas tide.

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