We work on a variety of Interior Hard and soft furnishings, building from new, and refurbishing the old.

Above: extensive Fire damage to altar & reredos

Oak reredos with Painted angel panels built for St. Mary's Oswaldtwistle. to replace fire-damaged top left..  Designed according to budget available.

As part of the ongoing restoration of St. Marys, we refurbished the Benedictine reredos 
We also restored the stations of the cross and several statues in the main body of the church

This Marian Retable originally by Giles Gilbert Scott, had suffered from an unfavourable makeover during the 1970's. 

We replicated new angels to replace those missing, and restored the gothic decoration to the central apse.  The plinth above the figures was faux-marbled to match that of the altar beneath the retable.

We worked in close collaboration with the Vicar of Ss. Peter and Paul to fulfil his vision of the refurbishment for this stone reredos. We designed the stencilled Gold emblems inside each apse specifically for this reredos. 

The vacant chapel of ease at Huncoat had suffered damage to the reredos tabernacle and altar.  The Dean requested that we replace the altar top and refurbish the reredos to re-purpose as a Marian side chapel. The altar and reredos were installed at a new location.