stations of the cross

Examples shown have been restored to original appearance using

methods of authentic pigmentation and repair according to substrate: (wood, Plaster, resin.).

These Gothic six foot tall stations of the cross had been repaired just after the war, at this time the scenic backgrounds were painted out. As part of the restoration, we re-painted the missing scenic backdrops.

Shown above are a set of outdoor resin stations restored for Prenton Carmelite Monastery, 

Spanish composite stations of the cross restored

This ornate set of plater quatrefoil stations of the cross were in poor repair, we were careful not to over -restore so that the set would be in keeping with the age of the church interior.

Plaster stations of the cross rendered in colour and monochrome.

Carved wood stations of the cross restored to their original subtle colouration using traditional pigments, thereby retaining the warm character of carved wood.