How do I commission Artwork from you?


Initially, just contact us with the project you have in mind,

we will see if we can help you to achieve your goals. 

see our commissioning artworks guide.



Statue repairs?
The following information will help us to provide an estimate :​​ ​

  • Condition :  Old repairs, flaking paint, breaks or missing parts.

  • ​Previous Repairs: have areas been glossed or glued?

  • Statue Height:  Measure your statue from base to head.

  • For Crib sets: Measure the height of tallest figure.

  • Clear photographs : are always helpful

General Exceptions

We do not restore the following:

  • Miniature piety resin figures.

  • Figures less than 16 inches in height.

  • Figures of flimsy construction.

  • Blown resin figures

  • Figures whose substrate has perished irreparably.

  • Figures where inapproptiate paintwork has caused irreversible damage.

​How long will the work take?

We aim for 6-8 weeks for a single item whenever possible, however, repairs may take longer according to the nature  of the work  involved and extent of repairs.

Visits are by appointment only

As a working studio, personal visits may not be possible at certain times: If you wish to bring your statue in person please contact us for an appointment; between the hours of 10.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m.    (Every day but Sunday).

Larger items - our collection and delivery

We advise our own collection and delivery service as the safest means of shipping items which may be fragile;  we transport according to our own professional experience. (costs on request.)


Payment is due in full on completion.
For further details:
 Restoration Terms and Conditions