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Terms and Conditions

All work is carried out subject to our standard terms and conditions, a copy of which is available on request.

It is the responsibility of the Client always to make sure that we have their correct contact details If email address or phone numbers are changed, we must be informed of these changes.

An initial deposit is required. On completion of works, the client will be notified and an invoice sent for payment due. Payment is due in full on completion,  prior to shipment/delivery.
Cheques should be made out to "Mrs J. Lewis".
(please see notes below for Non-payment/ collection.)

We do not trade in antique or second hand goods. Therefore, we cannot know the current market price for any item. Our interest is in providing a restoration service for objects of importance to our clients.

Please note that cure times for repairs can vary. Where possible we aim toward a 6-8 week period for a single statue.  The following examples may necessitate the extension of this period:

  • Multiples such as Crib sets and stations of the cross

  • Highly decorated figures

  • Statues with severe or hidden underlying damage.

All repair areas are kept as small as it is possible to achieve. Colours and finish are matched as closely as the substrate condition allows.
The client must make every effort to provide an accurate description of items, as considerable inaccuracies will necessitate the provision of a new estimate. No work will be carried out without the client's authorisation.

Occasionally, refurbishment uncovers previous repair work /damage which was not detectable on first inspection.  Where this is unsound and requires attention we will contact the owner and ask their advice before proceeding with these repairs. A contingency is advised in these cases.

While we make every effort possible to cure problems arising from historical damage and mistreatment to the substrate through  (i.e. Physical damage, chemicals, glues, stains or moisture ingress)   In some extreme cases these may affect end results.
If such underlying problems excacerbate or negate the completion of repairs, work will be discontinued and  payment due for works undertaken to that date.

We do not restore figures less than 16 inches in height, or miniature piety resin figures. We have made this decision due to the lengthy process of restoring miniature  piety figures the cost of which exceeds that of replacement. While we make every effort to accommodate repair requests, we reserve the right to decline items which in our experience  present insurmountable problems in terms of size, substrate, and condition.  

Any item remains at the risk of the client at all times, it is advisable for clients to extend their insurance cover for sums thought fit by the client to protect their goods whilst away from home.  (Especially if the item is old,  it may be unstable or unsound.) No insurance shall be taken out by the Restorer.

We advise for clients to bring and collect smaller items in person if possible.  All visits are by appointment agreed between ourselves and the client - leaving a statue/goods on our premises constitutes an agreement.

We recommend our own collection and delivery service for larger or multiple items:  We transport according to our professional experience, and aim to be competitive in our costs, which can vary according size, number of items and location.

​If using other options, Collection / Delivery charges are quoted for separately, by the company of customers choice, and paid for by the customer.
Because many older works of art are unstable and/ or unsound, the object remains at the entire risk of the Client at all times. No responsibility can be taken by us for any breakages or loss whilst items are in transit either to or from ourselves.

Statues are returned in the packaging they arrived; if inadequate, the cost of extra packaging will be added. (See notes at foot of page.)

After 30 days of notification of completion we reserve the right to charge a fee for storage and further expenses of up to £2.00 per day.
In cases where the Client has not been contactable for a further 30 days, we reserve the right to make arrangements to dispose of the item/s at our discretion.
Please Note: Estimates for works (including commissioned works) are valid for a two month period only, due to possible changes in costs of materials.

We are insured for on -site works. In some cases  consultation fees will apply.

U.S.A / International customers please note:
When sending items to us, Shipping and insurance must be arranged by the client.
As cost for return shipping, is dependent on total weight of an item, (i e your restored statue plus crate.) Plus import/export taxes. (If any); return costs can only be calculated when the item is due for return.

​Whiles we can provide estimates for repairs, these may not include packaging or shipping costs for the reasons given.
Because many older works of art are unstable and/ or unsound, the object remains at the entire risk of the Client at all times. No responsibility can be taken by us for any breakages or loss whilst items are in transit either to or from ourselves.

T&C © Lewis and Lewis 2012

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Important notice: As of Monday 11 September 2023, our new contact number is 0330 113 4321
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