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Office Hours - Monday to Friday 10:00 - 4:00pm
Visits are by prior appointment only

Our statue estimates include repairs and full repaint. Additional decoration and customisation is priced according to type. 

Photos of projects requiring our attention can be sent via our email address: email:

Please include the following in your enquiry:


1.    Height of statue/s

2.    Photos of statue/s and damaged areas

3.    List damaged areas


Nativity Sets

  1. Provide the height of the tallest (Standing)  figure in the set.

  2. Measure the base and height for kneeling statues.

  3. Send photos and list areas of  damage.


Provide details of the work you have in mind.

 i.e. kneelers re-upholstered/ refurbishement.
photos are always helpful.

Art Commissions

Your requirements such as:

  • Subject

  • Size

  • Timescale available .

i.e. panel / icon painting/ gilded detailing.

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Important notice: As of Monday 11 September 2023, our new contact number is 0330 113 4321
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