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Jeanette's ability to capture the transcendent beauty of Catholic art, is rooted in her own lifelong dedication to the Catholic faith.

Jeanette can work with you to create a religious artwork tailored to the needs of your church or school. Examples shown below.

David constructed the 8 foot  high wooden crucifix which Jeanette painted as a Replica of the medieval original, first painted by the master of the Blue Crucifixes. The crucifix was installed above the sanctuary of a Lakeland church.

Jeanette Lewis catholic artist and resto

This 44 inch tall plaster statue of St. Catherine of Alexandria was Commissioned by Reverend Hall.

Images show the clay model; the completed polychromed figure; and the statue of Saint Catherine installed in the church of St. Catherine, Leicester.

Jeanette with mural of English Martyrs painted for Church of English Martyrs, and another of her paintings, this time of St. Catherine of Sienna for Priory House. Both examples located at Stoke on Trent.            

Important notice: As of Monday 11 September 2023, our new contact number is 0330 113 4321
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