Our Lady

Seven Statues  of the blessed Virgin Mary before and after restoration.
Examples from Germany, Italy, France and Spain. Antique and vintage dated from 1850 to 1960.
Figures shown have been restored to their original appearance.


Ornately decorated fibrous composite statue of Our Lady of the Assumption, with glass eyes.

Originally from Olot studio Spain. restored for Church of the Assumption Essex.

Our-Lady- of-Lourdes-restored-1850.jpg

This  beautiful depiction of Our Lady of Lourdes is 60 inches tall, and is carved in wood. It dates from around  1850 and is covered in ornate hand painted floral motifs and marian motifs.
It belongs to the Church of St. peter in Chains, London. The statue had been sprayed with an irreversible varnish at some point in its history, giving it an unauthentic glossy finish, this had oxidised the surface to a sulphur yellow tint.
All the detailing was carefully scaled and replicated then re-painted by hand. The  small crown motifs were gilded with 22 carat gold leaf. The missing halo was also supplied and fitted.


Saint Peter in Chains Lourdes.jpg

This beautiful statue of Our lady of the Rosary holding the child Jesus stands 64 inches high.
It is of Italian origin, and carved around 1930. It is owned by the Manchester Italian Association.
Crudely repainted in the 1970's the statue had lost all of its original decoration. The eyes had been carelessly painted asquint.
Given its significance for the people of Manchester, the MIA commissioned us to restore the figure and design a new ornate decorative scheme in preparation for the historic annual Marian procession in the Ancoat area of Manchester. 


This gothic style Immaculate Conception statue is a Carved wood & composite figure from Mayers of Munich had been inexpertly re-decorated in the 1930's. It was restored for the Church of Our Lady, Lydiate. (Since re-named for St. Catherine of Alexandria.)

The decoration on the mantle of this statue was particularly fragile, and required careful handling to preserve it.


This 60 inch Plaster statue of Our Lady of Grace was was restored for the beautiful Church of Saint John the Baptist, Rochdale.

The ornamentation was not an original feature or of a professional standard. The face being rather crudely painted resembled that of a restorer working in Rochdale area in the 1930's. We restored it to its decorative scheme of the 1900's.

Wood-statue-restored-Queen -of-Heaven-Holy-Rosary-Church.jpg

48  inch Carved wood statue originally by Stufflesser Studio (1950). Fire damaged.  Restored for the Jubilee of the Church of Queen of the Holy Rosary, Aintree, Liverpool.

Carved-wood-Holy Rosary-Immaculate-conception-statue-restored-1.jpg
Before&After-Gareth's-madonna 2.png

Contemporary carved wood Virgin and child circa 1960 -80 possibly by studio Demetz.

Restored for private client.