Six statues of our Lord Jesus, restored to their original appearance.


As part of the ongoing refurbishment works of the Manchester Oratory; we restored this Ornate French plaster statue of the Sacred Heart made by Rafl of Paris.
All decorative details were carefully recorded and replicated by hand.


The 60 inch figure of the Sacred Heart at Saint Chad's Cathedral in Birmingham was showing signs of deterioration. The 'Blessing' arm had worked loose and was in danger of falling. Over a number of years its fading decoration had been inexpertly re-painted which appeared unsightly. Repairs were made using traditional methods and completely re-painted replicating the decorative details of the mantle .The statue was carved in Germany, and dates from around 1850.

60 inch Carved wood statue of the Sacred Heart from Stufflesser of Italy with genuine gold leaf detailing.

Age unknown, possibly 1940-50.  Restored for church of St. Thomas a Becket, Wandsworth

Sacred-heart-statue-st. mary's-much-woolton.jpg

We restored this 60 inch plaster statue of the Sacred Heart  for St. Mary's Benedictine Catholic church, Much Woolton Liverpool as part of ongoing refurbishment works.
The statue is by Rafl of Paris dated around 1900. It had been inexpertly painted in the 1960's giving the facial features a bland appearance. The gold detail of the statue  was in a state of deterioration and had discoloured to a shade of verdigris. We gave the base a marbled finish to co-ordinate with the sumptuous interior of this fine Benedictine building.


A broken statue of Christ the King By Olot studios of Spain. Restored for private client.
The figure had fractures throughout, and unsightly amateur repair works which had to be removed. 

The figure had belonged to a convent who advised it was made in the 1950's.


40 inch plaster statue of the Risen Christ restored for Catholic church of St. Anne, Ashton under Lynne.
The right arm had amateur repairs and paintworks which had to be removed. Once repairs were made the figure was completely repainted. Although the figure would have once held a banner,  this was not re-instated for practical reasons of annual display.

Risen Christ-plaster-statue-Fr.