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Restoration of Our Lady's Shrine

A forlorn shrine is brought back to life!

Fr. Byrne's outdoor statue of Our Lady was on the cusp of being unsalvageable. She was much-weathered, having lost her nose along with several rosary beads. Parishioners attempts at re-painting her had also not been favourable.

The statue had been at the parish many years before he arrived. Having inherited it, he wanted to preserve it for the parish if possible; and sent the statue to us with the understanding it may be beyond saving, but worth a try. While we were busying ourselves with the restoration of the statue, he was busy having the outdoor shrine refurbished. With Fr. Byrne's permission, here are some of his photos of the shrine, before and after its restoration. The statue of Our Lady was installed on 8th September, the feast of her birthday. It was certainly worth the try!

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Happy Birthday to you, heavenly Mother!

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