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 Saints & Angels

Statues of Saints and Angels shown before and after restoration,

Whilst most statues are redeemable, Novice attempts at repainting and repairs can cause serious damage to religious statues and disfigure their appearance, making them unfit for display. 
Images shown are of of plaster, compressed composites, carved wood and resin. 

Saint Joan of Arc - novice repair damage


Saint Patrick - novice paintwork & repair damage

Saint King David - novice paintwork disfigures features

St. Anne-& Mary-statue-Restored-1-500x.jpg

Saints Anne & Mary - novice paintwork damage

Saint Joseph - some novice paintwork present,  airborne detritus, candlewax  and candle soot deposits to surface.  All goldwork oxidised, with novice 'touch -ups' throughout.

Angels with dirty faces - and broken wings.

Lamp-bearing angels are compressed wood, requiring special treatments.  
Original colours of gowns found beneath stone effect paintworks.

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