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Stations of the Cross
& Crucifixes.


Jeanette Lewis restoring a gothic revival crucifixion scene.

Here we present a selection of Passiontide devotionals  which we have lovingly restored.
Images can be enlarged  for you to comfortably view our work.

The Crucifix being significant to Catholic worship; accompanies the devotion known as the 'Stations of the cross'. Contemplating these images helps us to enter more deeply into the  meaning and celebration of the Mass.

These 54 inch tall stations of the cross were restored to their original colours.


There had been some previous re-touching work which had to be corrected due to mismatches of paint.


Some protruding fingers and small parts were repaired, 

along with damage to the oak frames.

We were told the parish children were delighted to be able to " see" the figures clearly, and read the story for themselves.


These 72 inch tall Gothic revival stations of the cross had been damaged during the second world war.

The figures were chipped and scenic backdrops painted out. 

There was also damage to the finials and acanthus leaf decorations atop the spires of each.

The set was repaired, painted to match the original, and the broken carvings repaired and gilded.



87 inch carved wood crucifix restored for a church in Reddish.
The loin cloth was gilded in genuine gold leaf, and the finished piece made a handsome and contemplative focal point for the sanctuary of the church.


Left to right; David prepares the wooden corpus, images show details of the corpus after poly chroming, and the gilded loin cloth. 


Above: Life size rood screen corpus  and Birmingham Oratory crucifixes restored.

Jeanette creates icon Blue Crucifix by commission. See 'ARTWORKS'

Pietas/Rood screen

Pietas & Rood screen figures

Pieta statue
Pieta statue Virgin Mary

A classically styled Pieta statue

which we restored for a London church. Detail of Sorrowful mother's face shown.

Pieta statue restored
Pieta statue Virgin Mary

A modern Pieta statue which we repaired and repainted for a London church. Detail of Sorrowful mother's face shown.

Rood screen Mary statue
Rood screen St. John statue

Two rood screen figures found a the church basement were retrieved and given to us for restoration. result shown above. 

Important notice: As of Monday 11 September 2023, our new contact number is 0330 113 4321
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