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A Disarming Bambino

Restoring a Baby Jesus figure

This Bambino was produced by Maison Rafl studio. Its broken arm had been covered in a resinous clay, which had been used to cover previous attempts at holding it together.

Bambino with heavily repaired broken arm

The resin which coated the arm and hand, could not be removed without damaging the figure further. Residues of various glues had permeated the limb, altering the structure of the plaster, rendering it irreparable. The extent of the old repairs

meant that the whole arm had to be removed.

A two part mould was made around the clay model. Its shown here next to a computer mouse - This mould was then used to cast a new plaster arm for the baby Jesus figure,

I attached the new plaster arm to the plaster crib figure, inserting a supporting iron to strengthen it. Once painted, the figure looks as good as new.

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