Nativity Shepherd With Broken Flute restored

Praise Him with Strings and Pipe!

This Nativity shepherd is from a 40 inch plaster nativity set. It had become rather grubby and damaged after many years of being on Christmastide display.

The missing bowl at the end of the flute has been painted over rather than restored. You can see this more clearly in the tryptich of photos below;

​(fig 1.) the proposed correction far left,

(fig 2.) Supports fitted to rebuild the bowl of chanters and fingers,

(fig 3.) Shaping the fingers to match the originals.

(fig 4.) My dog wants to help!

Betsy the patterdale artist model!
Betsy the patterdale, artist's model!

A NEW set of PIPES

The fingers and fluted chanters after re-building and before colour is applied.

Some more musical shepherds restored...

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