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Furnishings & Features Refurbished

We can  restore, refurbish and renovate  to suit your needs, bringing  fresh verve  to tired features and furnishings. 

David refurbishing a stone reredos with the addition of decorative stencilling.


David assembles the new oak reredos he has made for

St. Marys.

Jeanette Paints two angel side panels to insert into the frame.

The finished piece is shown right.

plinths pedestals

Two styles of statue plinth made by David:

  • White and green for the interior of a post war Romanesque style church,

  • and a Gothic revival oak plinth with back panel stained to match existing features.

bespoke classic design church pedestals_

Photograph courtesy of Fr. D. Risley 



  • Church kneelers recovered and upholstered

  • Presiders chairs repaired and upholstered

  • Presbyters chairs repaired, using traditional upholstery. methods.

Important notice: As of Monday 11 September 2023, our new contact number is 0330 113 4321
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