Statues  shown have been restored to original appearance, or customised ​by request.

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Saint Chad

 St. Chad 60 inch /152 cm  Carved Wood before and after restoration -  customised with new decorative scheme and scale model of Manchester Oratory in genuine Gold Leaf.


Saint Anthony 

Saint Anthony 48 inch Carved Wood statue restored.


 St. Gregory the Great

26 inch carved wood statue.

Rstored for St. Dunstan's

Pope Saint Gregory

Saint Abraham


Saint Abraham 44 inch 

wood composite statue restored for St. Walburgers.


St. Patrick 60 inch carved wood Stufflesser figure -Saint Joseph's London

Above right and centre:
St. Patrick 60 inch plaster statue restored to traditional colours,
New crozier head carved in wood for  school in Scotland.

Saint Patrick


Saint George

 St. George plaster statue restored for  School in Enfield.


Saint Gerard Majella

Saint Gerard plaster statue restored for St. Christophers, Salford Diocese.


Saint Joan of Arc

Plaster 33 inch statue of Saint Joan of Arc restored for School in France.

Plaster  30 inch statue, restored for School in England.


Saint Therese of Liseux

Saint Therese of Liseux 56 inch statue with glass eyes restored for Leeds archdiocese


 Saint Anne and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

48 inch tallest figure.

Restored for Manchester church -
We were asked to remove the wimple, and add a gentler colour scheme.

Saint Anne