Statues  shown have been restored to original appearance, or customised ​by request.

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Saint Chadd Manchester Oratory
60 inch carved wood statue Restored with an elaborate decorative scheme to match the period of the Architecture of the Oratory.

A scale model of the Oratory replaces the Book. The Oratory and crozier head are  finished in genuine gold and silver leaf.


Saint Anthony of Padua

53 inch statue Carved wood orignally by Stufflesser studio Italy.

St Joseph's Church,  Harrow &  Weald,  


Saint Gregory the Great

Carved wood 26 inch statue Restored for

Saint Dunstan's Catholic church Woking.


Saint Abraham

44 inch statue originally by Meyers of Munich

Wood Composite restored for Saint Walburgers  ICKSP Preston.

saint patrick -completed-restoration.jpg

Saint Patrick (I)

60 inch carved wood statue originally by Stufflleser. Restored for St. Joseph's Harrow  & Weald.

Saint Patrick (II)


60 inch plaster statue restored in traditional vestment colours

for St. Ninian's School Scotland.


Saint George

26 inch plaster statue of Donatello's original sculpture.

(Retailer Burnes & Oates 1853 - 1970)

restored for school of St. George Enfield


Saint Gerard Majella

plaster statue restored for St. Christophers church

Salford Doicese.


Saint Joan of Arc

33 inch plaster statue originally by Rafl of Paris

restored for French school.

Saint Therese before & after 2 (Fr. Byrn

Saint Thérèse of Lisieux

56 inch plaster statue with Glass eyes featured. Originally by Rafl of Paris.

Restored for Leeds Diocese church.

Saint Joseph

60 inch statue wood composite originally by Meyers of Munich restored to authentic appearance with genuine gold leaf detailing. ICKSP St. Walburger's Preston.

Saint-Joseph-statue-at-St. Walburgers-Le

Saint King David playing his Harp

40 inch wood composite originally by Meyers of Munich. As none of the original decoration remained, the new scheme was based on the 15th century painting by Gerrit Von Honthorst. (shown left)  Restored for ICKSP St. Walburgers, Preston.