highly decorated

Where possible we replicate original decoration to statue surfaces. If these have been lost through time, we can devise designs in keeping with the age and style of the figure; These new decorations are bespoke, and are scaled to individually fit each statue. Prices vary according to complexity of design, and if genuine gold leafing is required.

Two Spanish statues restored, each having characteristic glass eyes. The Sacred Heart has been detailed in gold leaf. 

Sanctuary statue of St.Chad restored, decorated and customised for the Oratorians at  Manchester Oratory. Genuine gold and silver leaf detailing.

Saint Joseph statue had lost all its original decoration, restored with genuine gold leaf detailing, for St. Walburgers, ICKSP Preston.

Medieval style statue thought to be Our Lady of Cluny. deterioration of surface required regilding and repainting of all original detail

Gothic heavily ornamented sanctuary statues restored for church of Our Lady of Lydiate.

Statue of King David restored for the chapel of Saint Joseph at St. Walburgers, ICKSP Preston.

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