Missing Parts

Jeanette is a professional sculptor, who is able to replicate missing statue parts in the style of the original artist.

Statues are restored like for like: plaster to plaster, carved wood to carved wood, resin to resin. This approach upholds the integrity of the restoration, and prevents damage to the substrate from unsuitable adhesives.

We will replicate original paintwork and decoration where it is found, or repaint the statue according to our client's requirements.

View examples of Jeanettes sculptures:  Cast to Order 

This statue of Our Lady Queen of Heaven, was missing several parts.

A new hand was modelled in water clay, and a rubber mould made for casting the replacement in plaster.

The statue was repaired and fitted with a rosary  for installation in the " rosary chapel".

at St. Joseph's, Reddish.
All paintwork was completely renewed.

Queen of the Holy rosary 

Carved Wood Sacred Heart


This Sacred Heart statue had received an amateur makeover, using unsuitable paints. Fingers to the left hand were missing, the heart had belonged to another statue which did not fit.

The front fold of the mantle was removed to allow the heart to be placed correctly, new fingers were

carved and attached, and a new paint scheme applied.

Antique Madonna Olot figure

16 inch Spanish Olot Madonna & child

shows clay model head, and new parts cast and fitted to statue.

Completed restoration below