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The Fleur de Lys Symbol

My own affection for the "Fleur de Lys" is connected with its recognition as a symbol for the Virgin Mary.

She is known under one of her titles as the pure lily of the Trinity, thus represented by the threefold petals of the flower). For centuries, this association persisted until society became more secularised, and meanings behind religious symbolism mainly forgotten.

There are many adaptations of this symbol, such as my own modest interpretation which I use on my Favicon for this site. ​

It is thought that the Fleur de lys takes its form from the Iris flower; the shield image to the left, is the coat of arms taken from the 1954 publication of "Les belles Heures de Jean Duc du Berry" (that is Prince John, son of the king of France).

Joan of Arc, (my own patron saint) was inspired by God to tell the French king to rule under this sign, and thereby win a battle against their enemy (The English I believe!)

Iris sanguinea is native to the temperate regions of eastern Asia and Siberia, Sanguinea refers to the blood red tinge on the edges of flower buds.

It likes to grow by streams, damp meadows and on the edges of woodland.

It is thought that Early traders and travellers introduced this lovely flower into Europe.

read about other types of this lovely iris flower

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